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Arusha Travel Agency is invites you and other friends to visit the Meseran Snake park during your trip to Arusha or on your way to national park as the place is along the road of ngorongoro and serengeti national park.

The snake park is a special treasure of Arusha, a wonderful source of enjoyment and relaxation for locals and foreign visitors.

The snake park is located 25km west of Arusha on the route to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater.

The snake park provides various activities, take a guided tour and learn about some of the most dangerous snakes in the world, from the Black and Green Mamba, Egyptian Cobra, Puff Adders and many more. Capture your special moment and hold a real live snake. Check out the 3m plus crocodiles at feeding time and touch a baby crocodile.

You can also enjoy your personal Maasai guide who will take you on a spectacular tour of the Maasai Cultural Museum, to jumping on a camel and going on safari to the local village.

Visit the Free Education Centre, where the local Maasai have the opportunity to learn how to read and write and further their education in many different ways.

Meserani Snake Park also runs a free medical health clinic, that provides care for local people with over a 1000 patients per month.

After all your activities, relax and enjoy a fully equipped camp site and barbecue area and a fully stocked bar, which has become legendary around the world.

Visit to the Snake Park :

A visit to the snake park of Meserani. The little zoo has a comprehensive collection of most snakes that live in Tanzania. There are also turtles and crocodiles.

  • 25 USD pp, including entry fee
  • On Tuesday and Friday, a visit to the park can also be combined with a visit to Meserani Masai market. The total price for this combination is 30 USD pp.


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